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City walking tour in Stavoren

Did you know that Stavoren previously had a lot of influence in the Baltic Sea trade? Especially the import of grain caused a lot of activity. In fact, the grain trade turned Stavoren into a very rich harbour! However, at the end of the Middle Ages that wealth was soon over. And that was the moment the story of the “Vrouwtje van Stavoren” came true. The “Vrouwtje van Stavoren” - a statue dating back to 1969 in Stavoren – has a whole story. It has become the best-known Frisian folk story, and the artist Pier Arjen de Groot has attached a statue to this. The former Town Hall of Stavoren is also a must see in the city because of its beautiful new layout. The town hall was built around 1880, but lost its original function in 1984. Today a hotel is located in the Hall. There is still access to the boardroom and the mayor room. The lighthose of Stavoren is a cast iron tower on the IJsselmeer, near the harbour of the city. The tower was built in 1884 and had a renovation in 2001, since then the tower is red. And so there is more to see, do and experience in Stavoren! During the city walk you will encounter all sights and attractions one by one. An informative and fun route. Enjoy your stay!


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