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Walking tour over the island Terschelling

Terschelling is known for its unique atmosphere, the beautiful landscape and the many extensive beaches. Dutch tourists as well as tourists from abroad like to visit the island. During a walk on this special island you will encounter the best sights and activities. For instance the lighthouse Brandaris, this is the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands. The first lighthouse, tower Brandaris, was built in 1323 to indicate the narrow opening between Vlieland and Terschelling for ships sailing via the Zuiderzee to Amsterdam. The current lighthouse Brandaris dates from 1594, after the first tower collapsed into the sea. To be honest, a walk over Terschelling is also recommended because of the beautiful nature. After all, at least half of the island is nature reserve! Forests, beaches, duns, marshes, heath land, polders ... None other Wadden islands is as varied as Terschelling. That makes the island a favourite hiking area for all who like hiking! Tip: the longer you follow the road (or dike) along the mudflats to the east, you will encounter fewer villages and you will come across the part of the island that is owned by the army. Eventually you will arrive at “De Boschplaat”, a nature reserve of 10 by 5 kilometres that has been managed by government administration since 1910. In short: plenty to see, do and experience on Terschelling. An ideal hiking area!


At the shore