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Walking tour over the island Texel

Whether your preference is for the forest, the dunes or the beach, you will find everything on Texel. Even relaxing walking on unspoilt nature trails is possible. And also if you prefer to walk on paved roads, you are at the right place at Texel. Because of this diversity, Texel is such a popular walking island. Young and old, both, can spend a day here. Prefer a free head? Then you can choose a walk on the Waddendijk. Here you can experience a peaceful and quiet walk. Along this dike you can find several special nature reserves that form an important breeding ground for different birds. You can listen to the sounds of eider ducks, black-tailed godwits and herring gulls in the nature reserve De Schorren! If you prefer a more crowded and busy way, walk along nice shops and terraces in one of the villages on Texel: Den Burg, Den Hoorn, Oudeschild, De Koog, Oosterend, De Waal and Cocksdorp. Each of these villages has its own character and specialities. Wherever you go, no matter how many kilometers you walk and what the reason for your walking tour is, one thing is sure: Texel is the island for hikers. Enjoy!


At the shore