City walking tour in Urk

During the city walk through Urk you will come across various monuments. For example ‘Het Oude Raadhuis’, the former city hall. Since 1989 it is a museum, where you can ge tan impression of the living conditions of the Urk people in earlier times. The collection of the museum is maintained by a group of volunteers. The 18.5 meter high lighthouse of Urk is also a must see. This gem was built in 1844, but already has many predecessors, in 1617 there was already fire on the 'island'. This coal fire pointed out the way to the fishermen of Urk and the ships that sailed from Amsterdam to the North Sea. In addition to the many beautiful buildings and monuments, you can also expect a bit of green during the city walk through Urk. You will find the Toppad Urk between the buildings of Urk, the first natural monument in Flevoland where today many breeding bird species and wild ducks live. Note: this area is not freely accessible! An alternative is the beautiful Urk forest. This richest forest in the whole of Flevoland is filled with various types of deciduous and coniferous wood and has many natural open spaces. Here is also a natural play forest. Travel to the atmospheric Urk and learn all about this old fishing village during the city walk!


At the shore