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Walking tour over the island Vlieland

The six outlined routes can also be combined if desired. So you can have long or short walks, just how you like it. Besides these routes, there is always the Waddenpad you can visit. This long distance walk runs across the five Wadden Islands (Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog). The part that runs over Vlieland is 31 kilometers long. Vlieland is the most remote Waddeneiland and is therefore also called 'the island of birds and tranquility'. Peace, space and a lot of bird sounds, that’s what you find here. The entire island can be reached on foot or by bicycle. Did you know that the northern part of Texel, Eierland, was once part of Vlieland? Eierland was separated by the creation of the ‘Eierlandse Gat’ - a sea hole between Vlieland and Texel – from Vlieland and due to the further changes in sea currents, Vlieland has continued to be further away from Texel. Tip from us: walk at least a bit about the wide Vlieland beaches. From there you have a beautiful view over the sea. But actually you can find the stunning nature everywhere on the island: beaches, forests, dunes... The variety of nature on Vlieland makes it a particularly interesting hiking area. Fun for young and old.


At the shore