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City walking tour in Volendam

Volendam is an old village on the Markermeer and known for its special costumes, music and eels. If you choose a city walk through Volendam, you will sure experience a special trip. For instance, when you visit Volendam, you may not skip De Dijk! Also known as 'the beating heart of the village' where many restaurants and (tourist) shops can be found. You can also take pictures in a typical Volendam costume, eat a fresh fish or see how wooden clogs are made. Directly behind De Dijk you will find the “Doolhof”, the maze, this is the oldest part of the city center. The Doolhof has its name to the fact that the building was not built according to a solidly framed street pattern. With small streets and authentic houses as a result! Volendam was originally called Folle(n)dam. About 1357 the Edammers crossed a short connection between the Purmermeer and the Zuiderzee and afterwards a dam was built for the port of Edam, therefore Follendam. Farmers and fishermen settled in Follendam and for about 5 centuries the village was nothing more or less than a fishing village on the Zuiderzee. Due to this isolation, ancient habits, dresses and traditions existed for a long time and those are one of the main attractions in Volendam today. A unique place to go for a walk.


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