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Sailing, sailing and more sailing

The ship, your venue.

A ship is a fantastic venue to meet other people, revive old ties and friendships, and build up or deepen business contacts. Being active together, having a meal on deck, and a good conversation do wonders. Enjoying peace and quiet, and human interaction. Sailing takes you back to the things that really matter.

Which ship would you like?

The ship on which you will be sailing is chosen in consultation with you. You can contact us on workdays from 08:30 to 17:00 at telephone number 31 (0)88 25 25 000. Or you can request additional information online.

You are welcomed aboard by the skipper and his shipmate. While you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, you will be informed about how life on a ship is organised. Then it is time for the real thing! The sails are hoisted and the harbour is exchanged for the open water.


Check in harbor

You are welcomed on board by the skipper and his mate. While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea you will be explained the ins and outs on board. Then it's time for the real work! The sails are hoisted and the port is exchanged for the large suds.

As a real team, different activities are carried out. Navigate, hoist sail, jibe and moor. It is just a small example of the tasks you can help with. Then the crew will tell you everything about the world of the wind and the water. Then it is time to start the return journey. Together with the crew you sail the ship back to the harbor. On board you can still enjoy a snack and a drink before the harbor comes into view.


Minimum number of participants
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