Customer boards the Brandaris for the 30th time

Lelystad, 25 September 2015 – In October, one of the loyal clients of NAUPAR will step on board the wonderful Brandaris for the 30th time. The Brandaris will then spend seven days showing this group of German guests the most beautiful places on the waterways of the Netherlands.

The Brandaris

It is, of course, no wonder that this group of people in particular have chosen the Brandaris for the 30th time. This magnificent ship guarantees a breathtaking cruise. Take it nice and easy while you lounge in the deep cockpit, or roll up your sleeves and help with the sailing. However you like it.

On board

Besides the spacious deck with its high railing, deep cockpit and wide gangplanks, the Brandaris also has exceptionally attractive day accommodation. This is where you can meet and spending time with your friends. Sit at the tables for a delicious meal, prepared in the galley, or move to the comfortable seating area in the evening and enjoy chatting about the day"s cruise. It is also possible to stay on the Brandaris overnight. All cabins have direct access to a toilet and shower and the stern hut even has a double bed. So this ship is therefore an ideal choice for families!

Sailing for the 30th time

On board the Brandaris for the 30th time. We at NAUPAR are certainly not surprised by this. This comfortable ship is a favourite for many. The 7-day cruise is one of the many options. You can also choose a (short) weekend or midweek cruise. Or what do you think about a beautiful cruise at Easter, Ascension day or Whitsun? No shortage of options!