Introducing: Julia Cornelissen, captain of the Hester


Lelystad, 1 July 2016 – Today we are introducing you to Julia Cornelissen; the (as of this year) captain of the Hester. Before this position, she worked as a sailor for two years and attended the Enkhuizer Nautical College in the winter: "That is where I met Nikki Timmerman and he was looking for a captain and mate for on the Hester”, says Julia.


Julia"s passion for sailing began a few years ago when she was a guest on board of a sailing ship in the Baltic Sea: "At the time, I was still working as a journalist in an office in Hamburg, but I immediately fell for the traditional ships and for sailing”, says Julia. Not long after that, Julia quit her office job and left for the Netherlands to work as a sailor.

Not alone

Nowadays, Julia sails with her boyfriend Roger Rigau Nadal on the Hester. Roger is from Barcelona and has sailed the seas for two years and another two years on the flat-bottomed boats in the Netherlands; and so he too has ample experience.

Most beautiful experience

From beautiful sunsets and tide sessions on a sand flat to cosy barbecues and enjoying the company of the guests; Julia likes everything about it. But the small things are appreciated as well: "Everyday I enjoy watching the hoisting of the sails and turning off the engine. Silence on deck”, says Julia.