Introducing: Ingrid Schuurink, responsible for multi-day trips at NAUPAR

Lelystad, 12 December 2017 – Various NAUPAR employees are engaged in taking care of bookings for trips and package holidays. Employee Ingrid Schuurink takes care of the bookings for multi-day trips. Weekends for families and friends, company events and school camps - Ingrid really enjoys organizing everything.

‘I do my utmost to give our customers the very best guidance and support. And if that works out and the customers are happy, then I’m happy too.’

Predating the merger

Ingrid means what she says, which is evident from the fact that she has been involved with NAUPAR since 1999, and prior to that worked for the Zeilvaart shipping company in Enkhuizen. Hence after nearly two decades in the maritime world we would be justified in referring to Ingrid as an ‘old hand’. When the opportunity to set to work for the Zeilvaart shipping company presented itself in 1999 she didn’t hesitate for a second. Even after the merger in 2008, which gave rise to NAUPAR, she continued to work for the new merged shipping company.

Preferably a good night’s sleep

When we ask Ingrid what she’d put up with keeping her awake at night, she’s quiet for a time. ‘Well, preferably nothing’, she laughs eventually. ‘A good night’s sleep ensures that I’m capable of doing my job to the best of my ability and that I feel fit and well rested throughout the day. That’s not something I’d want to give up.’

Then it’s time for Ingrid to get back to work. Taking care of bookings, contributing suggestions, devising solutions, drawing up contracts - yet again she’ll be making plenty of customers happy today with a booking organized right down to the smallest details. And this evening Ingrid will be able to look back on a successful working day, while her customers will be looking forward to a fantastic multi-day trip.