Introducing: Kim and Rianne, the new captains of the Grietje!

Lelystad, 2 May 2017 – Since the third of February, Kim Apers has been the new captain of the topsail schooner the Grietje. He and his partner Rianne Broekhoven can now call this spacious and comfortably equipped sailing ship their own. But it doesn´t feel completely ´new´ since, after all, "We´ve been living on board the Grietje since February 2016,” says Rianne.

About Kim and Rianne

Kim and Rianne have known each other for many years. "We both grew up on the water in Zeeland,” explains Rianne. "Kim´s been sailing since he was eight and he taught me everything I know.” The couple has been together for more than a year now.

Buying the Grietje

"Kim has been sailing the Grietje for seven years, first as a mate and for the last two years as captain. We´ve been living on the ship since early 2016 and figured it was time to buy our own ship,” adds Rianne. "Even though we looked at a number of different ships, none of them felt as comfortable on board as the Grietje. New guests are always very enthusiastic about the living space and light-filled cabins. Not only that, but it´s a quite new ship; the interior is only ten years old.” No sooner said than done. Ownership of the Grietje was transferred to Kim and Rianne on 3 February 2017.

Most memorable experience

"If I had to choose just one place it would be the IJsselmeer,” she says. "You really have lots of room to sail here. But the saltwater of the Wadden Sea definitely also has its charm.” According to Rianne, the most memorable experiences on board the Grietje is sailing with school classes. "I just love watching how a group of school kids who at the start of the week have little understanding of sailing only a few days later know exactly how everything works,” says Rianne.

Want to get acquainted with Kim and Rianne? Take a trip on the Grietje? More information can be found online.