Introducing: Petra Vermeer, sales assistant at NAUPAR

Lelystad, 12 August 2016 – Petra Vermeer has been working as a sales assistant at NAUPAR for years. "You"re always in contact with happy people who are busy planning a nice outing, which makes this such a fun job!”

Working at NAUPAR

Colleagues say Petra is a passionate, committed and highly experienced employee. "My objective is to organise the boat trip into minute detail and to subsequently offer this to the customers, so that they want to make this trip more than anything else.”

About Petra

How appropriate: Petra is always up for a trip to the sun. Her favourite quote is 'Seize the day', as you should never look too far ahead. Petra gets her energy from exciting people around her, quality food and some lovely sunshine. When Petra goes out with friends or family, she completely loses track of time.

The dilemma: You need to give up 1 sense (smell, vision, hearing, taste or touch) OR you can no longer write and say the letter "e". "The letter"!”, Petra laughs, without a moment's hesitance.