Introducing: Rob of the Avondrood


Lelystad,2 June2015 – Rob Peetoom is the owner of the Avondrood, a magnificent clipper with a friendly and warm interior. Many years ago, Rob started out as a merchant sailor, and now, 25 years later, he navigates Dutch waters with his own ship.

Rob Peetoom

Rob is an experienced skipper who – with 15 seasons under his belt – knows the sailing region like the back of his hand: "And I still really enjoy sailing”, says Rob, "Just forgetting the everyday things, I think that is fantastic.”

More than 25 years" experience

As we said, Rob Peetoom started his career as a merchant sailor more than 25 years ago. He was eventually promoted to the position of first mate. In 1998, Rob had the opportunity to become a captain, which is when he changed course: "I immediately bought the Parodie, a 20-metre "tjalk", explains Rob.

The Avondrood

Rob Peetoom is now the proud owner of the Avondrood. A beautiful clipper, on which he did the majority of the renovation work. "I find it wonderful to be with the people on board as they experience an adventure that they have never had before.” says Rob.