Introducing: Judith Blanken, marketing coordinator at NAUPAR


Lelystad, 28 October 2016 – Judith Blanken: a chatty marketing coordinator at NAUPAR with a perfectionist streak. She has now been working at this booking agency for chartered sailing for eight years, and she"s still enjoying every minute: "Knowledge is power, and that's what I really love about this marketing position”.

The beginning

Judith Blanken started out as a marketing employee at NAUPAR eight years ago. She previously worked for a colleague, meaning she soon got to know the ropes. Within six months, Judith had progressed towards working in her current role.

Working at NAUPAR

Organising events, putting new products on the market, managing the website and coordinating the marketing team; as a marketing coordinator, Judith certainly has a lot on her plate. And we've not even started to talk about supporting interns.

About Judith

Colleagues describe Judith as a sociable, friendly and motivated person. All that keeps her awake at night is a nice big slice of pizza, or one of her three young children. Judith's favourite quote is Enjoy your "now", and living in the moment is something she considers highly important.

The dilemma: Either a quarter of your income is shared between your colleagues, or every time that you see your boss, you have to tickle him. Judith chooses the first option: "Tickling's a bit too intimate for me!”