Meet Joop Bosshardt, captain of the Boekanier

Lelystad, 18 October 2016 – Meet Joop Bosshardt; captain of the Boekanier for the last 24 years. And that's not all! In the meantime, Joop has also been the captain of a tall ship: "These ten years on the Astrid, have been the best experience of my life”, says Joop.

From sailing camp to captain

"When I was young, my parents sent me to a sailing camp in Sneek”, relates Joop. Three years later Joop went to work as an instructor in a similar camp: "the children in the camp all slept on a barge and ultimately I became a sailor on that barge”, explains Joop; "One day the captain was sick and from that moment I literally took over the rudder from him.”

The search for the Boekanier

The barge didn't work out so well for Joop: "I had to look for something with a few more opportunities.” So in 1992 Joop discovered the Boekanier. "I have adapted the Boekanier, both inside and out”, says Joop "In the past I studied orthopedagogics and as a result I can interact well with children who have difficulties, and it is with those children in mind that I designed the Boekanier.” The result? A magnificent sailing ship on board which everything must be done manually.

The perfect experience: captain of a tall ship

In 1997 Joop bought the tall ship Astrid. "We brought Astrid from England to the Netherlands, where we completely refurbished her. I was then captain for around ten years. Those ten years were absolutely the best experience of my life.”

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