NAUPAR is sailing to Marker Wadden!

Lelystad, 21 July 2017 – Starting in 2018, the natural islands in the new Marker Wadden island group will be accessible to the public. NAUPAR boats will be setting course for this unique area next year. Due to the expected crowds, it is possible at this time to submit a request for a NAUPAR sailing trip in 2018.

New destination

There is still a year"s worth of work to be done before the first Marker Wadden island is open to the public. NAUPAR is tremendously looking forward to showing this new area to all those interested. These sailing trips are perfect for a day trip, but a weekend – or even longer – trip is also possible.

About the Marker Wadden

The unique Marker Wadden is a genuine natural paradise. Thanks to the sailing trips to be offered in 2018, NAUPAR is also making the Marker Wadden accessible to visitors. There is something to see and do for both beachgoers and nature lovers: visitors can enjoy a beautiful waterfront on the Marker Wadden islands, as well as 12 ½ kilometres of walking trails that guarantee hours of enjoyment!

Curious about what the Marker Wadden has to offer? A bit of patience is all that"s required, since NAUPAR will be sailing to this destination starting next year. Contact us to inquire about the possibilities or submit a request directly. The progress of the project can be followed online, which NAUPAR will also be monitoring closely.