New at NAUPAR: two-day all-inclusive package

Lelystad, 7 March 2017 – After launching the All Inclusive arrangement in January, the e-mails have been pouring in. A common question is whether this unique package can also be booked for two days? Our answer: Absolutely! The All Inclusive arrangement (2 days) was added to the website recently.

Business market

What have we learned? That the business market in particular is very much interested in an two days arrangement. Spending time on the water with colleagues and not a care in the world… Who couldn't get used to this after two days? NAUPAR is always eager to respond to market demands, so it did not take long before a two-day version of the package was created.

Two days of care-free enjoyment

During the All Inclusive arrangement (2 days), you can enjoy two days sailing to the Frisian lakes, Lake IJssel or the Wadden Sea. Together with colleagues, you won"t have a care in the world, as the catering, bed linens, towels and final cleaning are all taken care of by NAUPAR. No surprises at sea!

Sample programme

To give you an idea about what an All Inclusive weekend is like, we"ve put together a sample programme. From the guided tour on Friday evening to the harbour visit on Saturday and return on Sunday, all of the details can be found online at arrangement.

Want to spend two days enjoying an all-inclusive sailing tour? Book the NAUPAR All Inclusive arrangement (2 days) right away! You can also contact one of our staff for more information.