Stedemaeght conversion

Lelystad,31 March 2015 – The impressive Stedemaeght was converted last winter. The repositioning of the completely equipped bar in particular made a visible difference. The impending Amsterdam SAIL event was one of the reasons to carry out the conversion at this specific time.

The Stedemaeght

The Stedemaeght is an imposing vessel that guarantees you a unique and unforgettable cruise. From a business meeting to a wedding anniversary, on board the Stedemaeght you are at the right address. The cherry wood panelling and the multitude of wonderful details make the Stedemaeght a ship with style.

The conversion

The deck house of the Stedemaeght has been converted, but it is the new location of the bar in particular that makes a visible difference. The beautiful mahogany bar used to only be accessible from one side: "An incorrect place that, moreover, also occupied a great deal of space in the deck house unnecessarily”, according to owner Toon Slurink. The new bar is now located against the back wall of the deck house, making a great deal of space free. This space has now been opened for the fun meetings that you can expect in a bar. A buffet table can now be placed at the former position of the bar so that the buffet or a coffee table can be presented at two places when large groups are entertained. A professional audio installation, which is fed with a wide range of music styles by the computer, has also been installed. It is possible to display non-stop presentations on the new TV screen.

Ready for SAIL Amsterdam

The new layout of the Stedemaeght ensures that the ship is completely ready for the spectacular SAIL Amsterdam 2015. The repositioning of the bar means that there is now space for a dance floor. The Stedemaeght was already one of the favourites before the conversion. After all, this ship was the first of all of NAUPAR"s ships to be sold out for SAIL Amsterdam 2015.