Assistance with booking

Book a ship online quickly and easily

Have you found a ship and period and know in which port you want to embark? In these 3 easy steps, we will explain how you can quickly and easily book the ship of your choice online, without paying reservation fees.

If you want to book a group arrangement or a cruise along, look here.

The online booking process of a ship consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. You choose a ship, period and port and place your reservation
  2. NAUPAR checks your request
  3. You finalise your booking

Step 1 Choose your ship, period and place your reservation

Go to the page of the ship. Indicate the duration under "How long you want to sail" and the date of departure* under "When do you want to embark".

You will get a list of sailing periods and prices matching that boarding date and desired duration. Select your preference.

You can then specify the port at "Where do you want to embark". The home port of the ship is selected by default, the other ports shown are at no extra cost, but subject to and in consultation with the skipper.

Click on "Continue booking" and then fill in your personal details.

You will then receive an overview of your cruise, the price, port and your personal details.

Are these details correct? Then, after agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy, you can finalise the booking by clicking on "book now".

You will then receive a booking confirmation in your e-mail. The booking is not final at this point, but no one else can book the ship in the period you reserved.

* If you are no longer able to select the date, someone else has preceded you.

Step 2 Checking your request by NAUPAR

After you have placed the reservation, we will do an extra check and respond within 1 working day. We will check, for example, whether everything is logistically correct with connecting boat trips.

Once the application is approved, we will send you the contract with the general terms and conditions and payment conditions.

Step 3 Make your reservation final

You inform NAUPAR within the period indicated on the agreement (usually 7 days) that you accept the agreement. You can confirm the agreement using the unique link in the agreement. Your booking is then final and you will receive an invoice from us.

Additional services such as catering, duvets and final cleaning can be booked at a later date. You will receive all the information about this approximately 2 months before the cruise. You can also read more about these services on the page ship services.

Still have questions?

Call for help and we will help you to book the ship of your choice..