Explanation on prices

At NAUPAR we offer more than just a cruise with ship and crew.

On this page we would like to explain how the prices of a day trip, weekend, midweek and week trip are structured and which additional services you can make use of.

Explanation of prices

At NAUPAR, we offer group cruises on a private ship for day trips and multi-day cruises as well as co-sailing trips where you do not book the ship privately, but travel individually or with a small group together with others. All cruises are with skipper and crew. On this page, we are happy to explain how the prices of the various cruises are structured.

Your cruise is always inclusive:

  • use of the ship
  • two crew members
  • tourist tax
  • additional items such as fuel, port, bridge, lock and pilotage fees

Composition of the cruise price

Canal cruises are special packages, with a fun programme and possible snacks and drinks, activities or entrance tickets. You can see the price and what is included at the packages themselves.

Price composition on a private ship

The price for a cruise on a private ship is determined by several components. For example, the ship, the level of comfort, the length of your cruise, where you want to embark, the content of the programme and whether you use catering and extra ship services partly determine the price of your cruise. Below, we are happy to explain the various components in more detail.

The choice of ship and degree of luxury on the ship

What kind of ship and the degree of comfort on the ship will determine, among other things, the price of your cruise. For a day trip, for example, you can choose a luxury daytrip ship, as well as a clipper or smaller tjalk. For multi-day trips, you choose a ship with sleeping accommodation and, when considering the level of comfort, you can mainly think about the size of the sleeping cabin and the number of showers and toilets on board.

Would you like more space on board?

On some ships, you can book the ship with fewer people at an attractive rate. You will then sleep with a maximum of 2 people and sometimes even alone in a cabin. This gives you more space and comfort at an attractive price. You can see this possibility with the ship on the price information tab. There you will see a price for the ship with the maximum number of people and if possible also a price if you book the ship with fewer people.

The departure port

In addition, the price can be determined by the departure port of your choice. If you choose the home port of the ship or one of the fixed alternative ports, there are no additional costs. You will find these ports on the ship or package page. In consultation, it is of course also possible to depart from another port at a surcharge. In that case, please inform a NAUPAR employee of your wishes. They will be happy to think along with you.

Duration of the cruise

The price of the cruise is also determined by the duration of your cruise. A day trip, midweek, weekend, week or a few hours, it is all possible. You can see the various options for the ship or package in question and the corresponding price. View all possibilities on the page length of stay.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are not included in the price, unless explicitly mentioned in a package. If you want to cook yourself, you can bring your own food and drinks and the fully equipped kitchen on the ships is at your disposal (*). You can also make use of NAUPAR's specially prepared shopping packages for groups. If you prefer not to cook yourself, you can make use of NAUPAR's many catering options. Detailed information on shopping packages and catering can be found on the food and drink page.

*) This applies to group bookings. On some (daytrip) ships, you cannot bring your own food and drinks. This is provided by a caterer on the ship itself. See which ships these are.

Beer tap

Some ships have a beer tap on board. At the ship, you can see on the specifications tab whether the ship is equipped with a beer tap. You can order a beer keg from the skipper or bring your own. Please note that additional charges may apply for use of the tap.

Final cleaning, duvets, bath sets and basic service package

Want to know more about final cleaning, duvets, bath sets or the basic service package? Check the vessel services page for all information.   

Costs for additional engine hours

During your cruise, the engine is in principle only used to sail in and out of ports and locks. Should you, in consultation with the skipper, wish to achieve certain sailing objectives that require additional motoring, you will be charged approximately € 30 per motoring hour. You can pay this in cash to the skipper on board.

Extra mooring costs for unique locations

In some cases, if you choose a unique location such as the Marker Wadden, extra jetty fees will be charged. These charges are not included in the price of the cruise and are automatically added during the online booking process and in the quotation.

Seasonal discount

For certain periods (e.g. spring, autumn and winter) you will receive an attractive seasonal discount on the price of your cruise. This period may differ per ship and the appropriate discount is calculated by default in the overview of ships, the booking module on the ship's page, under Show prices in the package and in the offer.

Reservation costs

To book a group trip on a private ship, you pay € 35,- reservation costs per ship. If you book online, these costs are waived.

How do I know what the price is?

With the ships and packages, you will find the standard prices on the Price Information tab.

For most ships, you can also see the exact price for your chosen duration of stay and boarding date, taking into account any seasonal discount, via the "Prices and Booking" booking module on the ship's page.

For the package, you will see the exact price under the Show Prices button. Here, you can also compile your package according to your own wishes and group size and thus get exact insight into the total price for both the ship and the various package components.

Not quite there? We will be happy to help. Request a quote or contact one of our staff members. They will be happy to explain the various options.