Payments, payment term and invoice

Once you have agreed to the order confirmation, you will receive an invoice. In principle, you can pay this in instalments, depending on how much time before departure you have booked. Which amount you have to pay and when is stated on the invoice.

It is useful to put the payment dates in your diary so that you don't forget them. Before a payment deadline expires, you will also receive a reminder e-mail from us, because if the (final) payment is not made before you leave, the ship will not sail. After each payment, you will receive a payment confirmation.

Did you also book extra services, such as a service package? These costs are not mentioned on the invoice; you pay them directly to the skipper on the day of departure. Please note: the skipper often wants this in cash, so bring this money with you when you board. An exception to this is if you have ordered catering. NAUPAR takes care of that. The amount for catering is therefore also shown on your invoice. In that case, we will also invoice the extra services for your convenience.