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More information about sailing

Sailing experience not required

You do not need any sailing experience to sail with us. If you like it, the crew will teach you on the spot how to hoist the sails, how to tie certain knots or how to keep the ship on course. However, there are also plenty of ships that the skipper can sail by himself or herself together with his or her sailor, so generally you can choose whether to lie in the sun or actively help out (some of the time).

Sea sickness

On a traditional sailing ship, you usually suffer less from seasickness. After all, these ships are much larger than an average sailing yacht and are therefore more stable on the water. Should you still be afraid of getting seasick, seasickness pills are freely available at pharmacies and drugstores. Your GP can also prescribe a scopolamine patch: these counteract nausea. When the weather is good, we recommend staying on deck. Fresh air helps you feel less ill.

Daily schedule

You will certainly not be bored on a sailing ship. There is always enough to do and the ship is spacious enough to sunbathe on deck, chat in the cockpit or below deck, play games or take pictures of the surroundings. Moreover, you can sail anywhere and moor at a nice port town, a beach or uninhabited island in between. You can drop anchor for a swim, go dry on the mud flats or make a stopover at the Marker Wadden, fort island Pampus, or Marken.

Suppose you want to sail for an afternoon, the afternoon cruise is a great option. Take a look at the (possible) programme of the afternoon cruise for inspiration. Are you going out for several days, or even a week/two weeks? Then you and the skipper discuss daily where you will go. Of course, it depends on the wind what the options are for that day. However, to give you an idea, take a look at the (possible) programme for a sailing trip of several days.


Once you have made your choice, there is of course nothing like having fun beforehand. We have already listed for you which sailing areas are worthwhile, which places are nice to visit and which sights you should not pass by. Let the fun begin!