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When you think of the Netherlands, you think of water. In Batavialand you will learn everything about the struggle of the Netherlands against water, dyke construction, reclamation, the creation of the new province of Flevoland and archaeological finds during the reclamation. There are various exhibitions for the youngest visitors. For example, there is the interactive voyage of discovery 'Wind in the sails'. In the water theatre, the youngest learn to build dykes and dig canals themselves. Or as a real archaeologist in search of past treasures. 

History of Batavialand 

In 1976 the polder museum, which was built in 1954, was moved to a new location. However, this burned down, together with the entire collection. The Ministry then decided to rebuild the building and restore the collection. This new building opened in 1994 and was named the Nieuw Land Heritage Centre. Since 1 July 2017 it has merged with Bataviawerf under the new name Batavialand. 

About Batavialand 

The museum can be distinguished by the 60 meter long tube on the roof, 6 meters from the ground. The exhibition can be found in this tube. The ends of the tube are made of glass and offer a view over the harbor of Lelystad and the IJsselmeer. In the museum you will find a number of permanent exhibitions such as 'OER!' and 'underground'. Interactive presentations have also been made for the little ones so that they can learn about the province in a playful way.