Lighthouse Schiermonnikoog

The island Schiermonnikoog had two lighthouses for a long time. The red lighthouse has been preserved until today and has no official name, but it is called north tower because it is located in the north of the island on a dune. The white tower is a former lighthouse and is located in the south of the island and is therefore called the south tower.

History over the lighthouse Schiermonnikoog

In 1853 King Willem III had two lighthouses built on the island Schiermonnikoog. They were equipped with a lighting system and served as orientation for ships. Whenever the lights of the two towers coincide, the ships knew that they could sail from the North Sea into the Wadden Sea. At the beginning of the 20th century, the North Tower received a rotating mechanical light and the South Tower became superfluous. The white lighthouse was then used as a water tower for many years and is now only an antenna mast. 

About the red lighthouse Schiermonnikoog

The red north tower is 37 metres high and has a light height of 55.5 metres above sea level. If you are on Schiermonnikoog and would like to visit the lighthouse, it is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. The lighthouse is located on a dune from where you have a beautiful view of the North Sea and most of the island.