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Sights in Medemblik

Mill "de Herder"

In the mill “De Herder” you can see how the millers worked in the past. The earlier the grain was ground into flour and you can enjoy the house beer "Klap van de Herder" in a great atmosphere.

History of the mill “de Herder”

After almost 400 years the old grain mill was demolished in 1947. Almost 40 years later the foundation "De Medemblikker Meelmolen" was founded and the 300 year old mill of Zaandam 'Shepherd' was bought. In 1986 enthusiastic volunteers and professional millers set to work: they dismantled the mill in Willeskop and rebuilt it in Medemblik. The mill was officially inaugurated in 1990. The back of the existing mill "de Herder" was used for the construction of the mill. The mill also has the same name at the new location in Medemblik. Only the function of the mill has changed: Today it is a flour mill. 

About the mill “de Herder” 

In the mill “de Herder”, several guided tours are organized. Here you can see how the miller worked in the past and how he controlled the quality of the flour. On the mezzanine floor there are two millstones, between which the grain is ground into flour. This and much more will be explained during a visit to the mill.