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Museum 't Behouden Huys

Step aboard the wreck of the Lutine and discover what happened on the evening of 9 October 1799, when the ship went down with all its gold. Or take your family on a voyage of discovery with Willem Barentsz and his crew to icy Nova Zembla. And did you know that almost all the houses of West-Terschelling were reduced to ashes by the English in 1666 and the smoke could be seen as far away as Friesland? Reverend Grevensteijn will tell you all about it.

Museum 't Behouden Huys

Housed in two original commander's houses and a new building, the museum is named after 't Behouden Huys, the shelter where the Terschellinger Willem Barentsz and his crew spent the winter on Nova Zembla in 1596-1597. Founded by Terschelling-born Gerrit Knop and Jan Lieuwen, the museum began as a one-off exhibition that was so popular that it was decided to make it a permanent museum.

Various exhibitions

Find out more about the history of Terschelling and its inhabitants and listen to the free audio tour packed with fascinating stories. Or listen to the special audio tour about Willem Barentsz on Nova Zembla. In the garden, they have even reconstructed the hut in which Willem Barentsz survived on Nova Zembla. There are also period rooms where you can see how people used to live and dress, in the maritime attic you can discover exciting stories and objects about rescues around Terschelling and in 't Behouden Huys you can learn more about whaling in the past.

Museum 't Behouden Huys is just like Terschelling: unique, quirky and surprisingly versatile! Come along and discover it for yourself!