Schoonewelle Centrum

The Schoonewelle Centrum is a multifunctional museum for nature and crafts and show a versatile collection. There is also a museum shop and a museum garden where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. In the museum shop you will find books, wooden toys and other souvenirs. The centre also offers lectures and workshops and regularly organises various outdoor activities.

The history of the Schoonewelle Centrum

The founder of the museum was Roelof Joohannes Schoonewelle. He laid the foundation for the collection of stuffed and prepared animals. Since the Buisman family was enthusiastic about his collection, they helped him by building a museum. The basic building block of the museum was laid in 1957. Around the turn of the century the Schoonewelle was converted into a multifunctional centre for nature and crafts and since 2002 the Schoonewelle has officially been a museum. 

About the exhibitions and collections

The centre would like to demonstrate the connection between human and nature by means of the existing collections. You will get to know something of the lost regional craftsmanship, such as wood shoe carving. In the Schoonewelle collection you will also see some prepared and stuffed animals as well as other natural products and the whole thing is completed by the watercolours of the famous illustrator/writer Freddy Weijs. You will also learn about the history of Zwartsluis through objects and old maps and, in addition to the many permanent exhibitions, other changing exhibitions will be presented.