Tophost 2018

All skippers and ships of NAUPAR are assessed by the guests after the cruise. At the end of the sailing season, it is determined on the basis of these reviews who are the most hospitable skippers. The Ambiance, Allure, Eenhoorn, Res Nova, Sudwester and Summertime are Tophost 2018.


How did these skippers become Tophost?

After the cruise, all NAUPAR ships & skippers are assessed by the guests on the following points:

  • the general impression of the ship
  • the contact with the skipper
  • the provision of information during the trip.

This results in one digit.

To become a Tophost, skippers must:

  • score a 4.8 on a scale of 5 stars
  • 10 tours have sailed at NAUPAR
  • and 50% of the boat trips must be assessed by the guests

The following traditional sailing ships are Tophost 2018: