A weekend with the best food

Let yourself be pampered with our catering packages, for a weekend on board on one of our ships! Decide for breakfast and lunch! Do you also want dinner or a BBQ? No desire to carry drinks? We can also get that for you. With a fixed price per person you have taken care of the whole trip!

Completely care free

Could you just need a little luxury? Then choose NAUPAR's weekend catering, including a professional chef who will prepare fresh dishes for you! But if you like to cook yourself, you can also decide for our all-around carefree service: NAUPAR delivers the dishes ready-made to you on board. All you have to do is warm up and serve.


Conveniently arrange your own catering arrangement for your weekend aboard the sailing ships! The weekend catering arrangements includes breakfast and lunch as standard, as well as coffee, tea and a snack in between.

  • Choice of standard or deluxe
  • Possibility to expand with dinner or BBQ
  • Self-organize drinks or drinks catering 

You have the choice of a standard and a deluxe catering. At DeLuxe-Catering, the dishes are more elaborate. The indicated price is per person per day.

  • Standard: 27,50 €
  • Deluxe: 42,50 €