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Blokzijl was once on the Zuiderzee. The outlines of the old city walls are still recognizable today. Little is known about the early history of Blokzijl - even though the name 'Blocksyl' was mentioned as early as the 15th century. In the town there is an old sea lock, which formed the mouth of the Steenwijker Aa already in the 16th century. Especially the peat, which was won in the hinterland, provided a lot of activity. At that time the access channels were improved and a harbor basin was created for the trade.

The emergence of Blokzijl

During the Eighty Years' War, the city was fortified to create on the east side of the Zuiderzee a base for the war fleet and a base of operations for the troops against the Spaniards. The name 'Blokzijl' - which means 'fortified lock' - originated during this time. It settled on peat and cargo boaters, who also took over the troop transports. At the same time, the industry developed in the form of beer breweries, shipyard shipyards and other craft sectors on and on. The landmarked houses, which adorn the small town even today, often carry a gable panel from that time.

Small and contemplative

Today Blokzijl is a small town with great charm due to its narrow streets, the many patrician houses, the beautiful harbor basin with its many yachts and the 'Brown Fleet', the many picturesque corners and the sociable goings-on in the lock. Blokzijl is therefore also living proof that a city does not need to be big to offer such a variety of historic buildings and modern amenities, and that activities on land alternate well with a wide range of recreational opportunities on the water.