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Edam was created at a dam on the river IJe or E, which ended in the Zuidersee. Around the year 1230, the sea openings of the Zuidersee were closed with dams. At the dam, the goods had to be transhipped and customs duties were charged. So Edam developed into a trading place. Shipbuilding, herring fishing and cheese trade brought Edam to great heights.

Cheese town

Edam is the cheese city par excellence! After receiving the right to a public cheese scale, Edam ran a commercial cheese market until 1922, where local farmers traded their cheese. The Edam cheese was transported in small boats to the market. After being unloaded at a special quay, cheese was brought to the market by cheese makers, where it was offered for sale to traders. The cheese first had to be tested for its quality. Then haggled by handshake for the price. Afterwards, the cheeses were reloaded onto the cheese tray and taken to the scale where their weight was determined. The cheese was finally transported by horse and cheese carts to the cheese warehouse for some time to ripen there. In the months of July and August, every Wednesday from 10.30am to 12.30pm, a tourist variation of the cheese market takes place.


The flourishing past of Edam can be clearly seen everywhere. Edam consists of old streets, canals, squares, bridges and imposing buildings. During a city walk you will see the tea pavilions, the leaning tower, the museum with the driving cellar, the dam, the old town hall and the Great Church. There is also a lot to do in the harbor.