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Franeker (Frisian Frjentsjer) is the central place of the municipality Franekeradeel, in the province of Friesland. The city has about 13,000 inhabitants and is one of the Frisian 'Eleven Cities'. These are eleven places in Friesland, which were once city rights and the skating marathon 'Eleven city tour' gave his name. The city belongs to the municipality Franekeradeel since 1 January 1984.

Franeker - 'Star' of the Eleven Cities

The city of Franeker is 'the star of the Eleven Cities'. With its historic old town, Franeker is a cozy shopping town with a wide variety of shops. There are plenty of things for lovers of culture and day-trippers: theater, film and dance performances take place at the De Koornbeurs Theater. You can also visit several museums, the planetarium or one of the many historic buildings in the city center.

Franeker City App

Franeker has recently released its own City App. The app is designed specifically for tourists and visitors to provide them with the latest city information. The Franeker City App is suitable for iPhones and iPads and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

City ​​stroll

Visitors can take a city walk through 'Strieljend Frjentsjer' during the summer months of July and August on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. During the hike, you can learn about the history and the magnificent listed houses in Franeker. The hikes start at the Museum Martena at Voorstraat 35.


Franeker developed as most important settlement of the northern Westergo in the Middle Ages. This area was an island lapped by the sea: the Middelzee and the Marneslenk. The salt marsh areas were not protected from the sea and the inhabitants tried to bring themselves and their belongings to 'terpene' mounds in safety. In 1585 Franeker got a university and until 1811 one could study theology here, law, medicine, classical languages, philosophy as well as mathematics and physics. The presence of scientists also attracted celebrities such as Descartes, Prince Friso van Oranje and Peter Stuyvesant. Today, the former Academy City is best known for the Eise Eisinga Planetarium, the Frisian handball 'Kaatsen', the historic houses and the museums.