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You've probably already seen the typical paintings and costumes of Hindeloopen. The town on the IJsselmeer has become world famous. The place where Hindeloopen is located, was already inhabited in the 8th century and had to suffer heavily under the Normans. Around the year 825 the name Hindolop was used for this settlement in a document and in the 10th century the name Hintlop was already known in England.


Hindeloopen already maintained intensive trade relations with L├╝beck and other Hanseatic cities in the Middle Ages, but did not even become a Hanseatic city. The timber trade with Norway and the many contacts with Amsterdam also contributed significantly to the heyday of Hindeloopen, which lasted until about the end of the 17th century. The Hindeloopener developed a very own taste due to their long journeys. Colorful clothes and painted furniture were extremely popular. They also have their own language, which the other Frisians do not understand: the Hylpers. It is a mixture of Frisian, English, Danish and Norwegian.

Hindeloopen - a picturesque town

Nowadays there are a lot of pleasure boats in the harbors. The Hindeloopen today is a cozy and picturesque seafaring and fishing town, located on a promontory. The costumes, the typical wooden bridges, the narrow, small canals, the small shops, the studios and the characteristic architecture make every visitor rave. In the museum 'Hidde Nijland' you can get an impression of the history of the city. The nostalgia is noticeable everywhere, but as a gateway to the IJsselmeer, Hindeloopen is also a major water sport resort. The many (fish) restaurants and small cafes make Hindeloopen a lively center where young and old alike feel at home.