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The small town of Monnickendam has around 10,000 inhabitants and is located on the Gouwzee, just above Amsterdam. Monnickendam has a beautiful historic city center, which has been well preserved over time. When you enter Monnickendam, you will see the Sint Nicolaaskerk above the city panorama. This famous church from the fifteenth century is dominantly present. Monnickendam has a protected cityscape with many historic houses from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

A cozy port

At the inner harbor is the 'Waegh' where formerly cheese was inspected and weighed. Later women were also weighed who were accused of witchcraft, to check if they were heavy enough not to be a witch. Monnickendam has been known for its fish smokehouses since the distant past. There are still smoked fish in the harbor that you will undoubtedly smell when you walk through the harbor. In addition, you of course have the opportunity to taste extensively! The yacht and boat enthusiasts can also indulge in Monnickendam. They can moor in one of the four marinas that Monnickendam is rich in or make a trip on the Gouwzee or the Markermeer. Along the quay at 't Prooyen in Monnickendam are many clippers and tjalks that are worth a visit. You can rent a clipper or a tjalk with a group and explore the Markermeer sailing under the guidance of an experienced skipper.