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Until 1600, Muiden was a poor city, because of all skirmishes and battles that have been around Muiden. After 1600, when the whole country flourished due to the sailing on foreign continents, Muiden flourished. Salt mills supplied salt for shipping to the Baltic countries and Amsterdam brewers realized that the good Vechtwater was a better raw material for their product than their brackish water and moved their company to Muiden.

Historical street names

Many street names in our present new housing estates are taken from the most famous companies of that time. The Anker, the Duyf, the Lange Gangh, the Lily, the Peacock and the Blue World remind us of saltworks around 1700. Het Hert and Nooit Gedacht were names of shipyards. In the Middle Ages Muiden was the outer harbor of Utrecht, later it was converted into a defense for Amsterdam.

Fort Island Pampus and the Muiderslot

Casemates and barracks can be found all over the town. The most famous part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam, the fortress island of Pampus, lies within the boundaries of Muiden. From Muiden there is a boat connection to the island in the IJmeer. Water sports, with everything associated with it, has left its mark on Muiden. Tourism attracts many people today to the pleasant harbor town of Muiden. In Muiden is the Muiderslot, a castle that is more than 700 years old. Once the Muiderslot was the castle of Floris V, one of the key figures in Dutch history, which also had a beautiful castle at Medemblik.