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Zoutkamp is a village in Gronigen the Netherlands, it is located on the edge of the Lauwersmeer National Park. In the past, Zoutkamp was a defensive embankment on the Lauwerszee, nowadays the fishing village is best known for the Dutch shrimp. Thanks to the beautiful location on the spacious water, the beautiful views and nature around the corner, Zoutkamp has become a tourist attraction over the years. The village has 1,230 inhabitants.

In the harbor and in the village are the cozy terraces where you can enjoy the view, the water and the rustic atmosphere. Zoutkamp still exudes the atmosphere of then, with its monumental locks. For water sports enthusiasts is there in Zoutkamp plenty to do, also because of the proximity of the Lauwersmeer and the Wadden Sea. At Zoutkamp, the Lauwers and the Hunsingokanaal come together to flow a few kilometers further into the Lauwersmeer.

Schelleviskoppen and shrimps

Zoutkamp has been a fishing village since the late Middle Ages. First the Salt Camps fished mainly on fish such as haddock and herring, where also the nickname for the inhabitants comes from: Schelleviskoppen. At the arrival of the first steam trawlers, the Salt Camps went fishing on the shrimp. Increasingly larger trawls could be used and shrimp catches grew. Since the Lauwerszee has been filled up, there are still few fishing boats in the harbor. Yet more and more skippers are coming back to Zoutkamp and once a year the entire Zoutkamper fleet can be found there during the traditional Flag days.


Zoutkamp is a lively village. At Pentecost there is a big party every year with funfair, music and the Flag Day. Completely according to tradition, the new shrimp queen is also collected. In the summer there is the party 'Zoutkamp experiences it' and the 'Battle of Zoutkamp'. At the Battle of Zoutkamp the whole village is transformed into what it was in 1589. Behind the old seawall the recapture of Zoutkamp is reenacted, resulting in a great spectacle.

Nature reserve Lauwersmeer

Zoutkamp lies on the edge of a world-famous nature reserve; the Lauwersmeer area. The Lauwersmeer region is a breeding ground for many rare birds, including the Zeearend. With the amazing nature, rare plants and animals, the Lauwersmeer region is a wonderful area to discover