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Batavia Yard

On the Batavia yard, ships from the 17th century are being reconstructed. The first reconstruction was of the VOC return ship Batavia, which sank off the coast of Western Australia on its first voyage in 1629. Shipbuilder Willem Vos's starting point was an authentic rebuilding. A 'water ship' is currently being built, a fishing ship that sailed on the old Zuiderzee between 1500 and 1700. during a tour of the shipyard and the Batavia you will learn everything about the shipbuilding of these special ships. 

VOC-Retourship Batavia 

In 1628 the original Batavia was built on the Peperwerf in Amsterdam by order of the United East India Company. It was a return ship, specially designed to make the long voyage to and from India. However, on her first voyage, on June 4, 1629, the ship sank and lost 332 crew members off the coast of Western Australia. The reconstruction of the Batavia was an initiative of shipbuilder Willem Vos, who in an inspiring way led a changing group of youngsters. The starting point was an authentic reconstruction: use of original materials and a traditional construction method. On 7 April 1995 former Queen Beatrix christened this ship 'Batavia'. After the completion of the Batavia, a second similar project was started: 'The 7 Provinces', a 17th century admiralty ship where Michiel de Ruyter fought many naval battles.

About the Batavia Shipyard

At the shipyard you can see how the ships are built. In the various rooms around the ships, old crafts are still practiced such as rope making, forging, braising, wood cutting and repairing sails. If you like you can also try it out!
Opposite the shipyard is the Batavia. You can visit the ship yourself or go on a tour and discover what it was like to live aboard a 17th century ship. There are also several exhibitions about the construction and historical backgrounds of the Batavia and the 7 Provinces and an extensive exhibition about Michiel de Ruyter, the admiral of the 7 Provinces. 
For children there is an exciting Blacklight treasure hunt. With a flashlight and map they go looking for special messages in the Batavia and learn all about the special journey that the Batavia made in the past.