City bridge Kampen

City bridge Kampen

The first bridge dates back to 1448 and was built in Kampen to connect the surrounding villages with the city. The current bridge has been opened since 1998 and has a design that aesthetically enhances the cityscape. Important for the construction was that the bridge was given a contemporary form, but it took into account the historic city center. The two lifting towers with the balance wheels are covered with gold leaf and are reminiscent of the old city towers in the city center.

History of the city bridge in Kampen

In total, six bridges were built before the current city bridge was installed. The first (wooden) bridge dates from 1448 and connected Kampen with the surrounding villages. The construction of the bridge was, without the approval of the landlord or other cities, but even after complaining about the free seafaring that was reduced, the Kampenaren (citizens from Kampen) did not listen. This shows the power Kampen had at that time. The bridge from that time was an unimaginable operation given the length of the IJssel between Kampen and IJsselmuiden. The wooden bridge has suffered a lot and was often damaged by floating ice. In 1589 a floating ship bridge was built in the site. Less than a hundred years later a fixed bridge with a drawbridge was installed. The bridge, built in 1874, was the first modern bridge and had imposing entrance gates. This bridge was damaged twice in the Second World War. In 1962 the drawbridge was replaced until the current IJssel Bridge was opened in 1998.

About the city bridge in Kampen

The city bridge is also known as the old bridge and the adjacent Molenbrug the new bridge, although it is 15 years older. The city bridge forms the connection between Kampen and IJsselmuiden and gives quick access to the station Kampen, also known as Kamperlijntje, which lies on the IJsselmuiden side of the bridge. For the construction of the current city bridge, a contemporary form, but taking into account the cityscape, was important. The bridge has two high balance wheels that are reminiscent of the oldest city tower in the city center. The wheels are decorated with gold leaf and the rest of the bridge is white. It is a wide bridge and has a motorway with on both sides a footpath with in the middle a viewpoint to both sides of the IJssel. The perfect point to take photos and take in  the view of the cityscape of Kampen.