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Kamper kogge

Kamper Cog

The Kamper Kogge is a reconstructed cog ship from the 14th century. It is as authentic as possible of the original cog. Kampen is the only city in the Netherlands with a cog and the ship is therefore a contribution to the cultural history and sailing heritage of the Netherlands. The Kamper Kogge is a sailing business card for her home port in Hanzestad Kampen, the Koggewerf.

History of the Kamper Kogge

The Kamper Kogge is a reconstruction of a wreck from 1336 that was found during the draining of the Flevopolders. The reconstruction started in 1994 and lasted until the confirmation of sail and rig in 1998. In the Middle Ages a cog was built in four months, but to carry out the reconstruction as accurately as possible it took four years before the Kamper Kogge was launched. Materials and techniques, used in the Middle ages, were applied to make the cog. In 2004 the Kamper Kogge sailed with the cruise of the Medieval Koggen: the Ommelandvaart. This tour sailed past a number of Hanseatic cities in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The Kogge crossed the North Sea for the first time in 2016.

About the Kamper Kogge

The Kamper Kogge is a special ship. It is a dark brown oak wooden ship with one mast. On top is a castle that resembles that of the Viking age. The ship is the oldest, reconstructed, ship of the Netherlands. Internationally there are four other, still sailing, cogs. The Koggewerf can be found in the home base in Kampen. This houses a carpentry workshop, smithy, sewing shop, shop, fish smokehouse, a medieval fisherman's house, an exhibition space and a tavern with a view over the IJssel. The site is open to the public seven days a week and on Thursdays the exhibition space and the shop are open.