Sights in Harderwijk

City Museum Harderwijk

The museum is located in the middle of the city of Harderwijk and is therefore easy to reach. On the ground floor of the museum, which is freely accessible, there is the culture café and the museum shop. There you can buy a nice souvenir, because there is a wide range of books, designs and gifts. In the culture café, you can end your trip with a cup of coffee and in good weather you can make yourself comfortable in the courtyard. 


The building of the museum, consists of at least three historical buildings. Some of them probably date back to the Middle Ages. In 1950 the main building was sold to the town Harderwijk and so they decided to make it a museum. In 1952 the museum opened and 14 years later the municipality bought another part of the house, which was added to the museum. The rear part was bought by the town Harderwijk in 1977 and in 2014 the building was completely renovated and became one unit. 

About the City Museum Harderwijk

On the upper floor there is the museum, which is subject to a fee. There you will find everything you need to know about traditional clothing, archaeology, the history of the town, the Zuiderzee fishery and other interesting topics. In addition, there are temporary exhibitions about art, history or a current theme.