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Museums ship Halve Maen

History of the Halve Maen

The world-famous ship 'Halve Maen' currently serves as a museum ship in the port city of Hoorn. The ship performed in 1609 under the guidance of the seaman and pole investigator Henry Hudson to the not yet known New York. This was commissioned by the VOC. The purpose of the trip was to find a new route to the Northeast. This has unpacked something else; The journey was the beginning of the colony of New Netherlands - nowadays better known as New York. It's not crazy, therefore, that many people see the Halve Maen as an important part of the Dutch contribution to American history. Something to be proud of!

About the Halve Maen

The Halve Maen is not to be missed; The ship has three masts and is 5 meters wide. As mentioned, the ship today serves as an interesting museum ship. Visitors can follow various guided tours here. From storms and explorations to unique encounters with Indians, seagulls and scurvy; In the guided tours, crew members take you back in time. It is also possible to access the water for a few hours on board the Half Moon. This is the way to experience what it's like to sail on a VOC ship! During the cruise, the crew will tell you about the history of the ship and, if desired, you can also help them with the sailing of the sails. A pleasant journey!