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Museum of the Twentieth Century

We've all heard about the turbulent twenties, the World Wars, the Hippie culture in the sixties, the beautiful rock music from the eighties and much more that made the 20th century so characteristic. There is no other century where things changed so fast. Thanks to picture and sound reproduction devices, historical computers and typewriters, nostalgic kitchen utensils and much more, life in the 20th century is brought closer to you. 

History of the Museum of the Twentieth Century 

In April 1994, the Twentieth Century Museum was built in two former cheese warehouses in the listed buildings Alkmaar and Gouda in Hoorn. In 2011 the museum was moved to the former prison on the Oostereiland, near the harbour in Hoorn. 

About the Museum of the Twentieth Century 

The museum of the 20th century in Hoorn presents a picture of the 20th century in the Netherlands with hundreds of (utility) objects, various stylish rooms, shop fittings and temporary exhibitions. You will also get to know the poverty, the hard and long work and the simple living conditions of the past. Never before in a century has so much changed!