Barbecue on the Amsterdam IJ

  • Extensive barbecue on board.
  • Taking a rest and relax or participating actively. Everything is possible!
  • Taking the helm or a look into the cockpit.
  • Being with the children who are accompanied by an experienced accompanist.
  •  Discover the unique atmosphere of the IJ and experience Amsterdam from the water!


    Check in harbor

    The trip takes three hours including barbecue. You can choose from two sessions, at 1 p.m. or 5 p.m.
    Port of departure for this arrangement is Sumatrakade.

    Barbecue on the water

    You will enjoy a barbecue on deck with beautiful Amsterdam as backdrop. Try some seasoned beef burgers, marinated pork filets, satay, barbecue sausage, chicken and various salads and sauces. Bread and fries are served supplementary.

    What will you find along the IJ?

    A fantastic blend of beautiful historic buildings and ultramodern buildings can be admired along the IJ. The EYE Film Institute Netherlands is most conspicuous. The in the evening beautifully illuminated concert hall Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ and The Science Museum NEMO are real eye-catchers. The Public Library, the Amsterdam Conservatory and the Lloyd Hotel are also attractive buildings and fit perfectly into Amsterdam’s port decor.

    Professional child care

    Experienced child accompanist with fun activities for children aged 0 to 12 years is on board.
    It is simply true that parents enjoy even more of their outing if their children are to their liking. Therefore, we offer the opportunity for the presence of an experienced accompanist on board. Together with the children, fun and responsible activities and games are conceived in the cozy salon. Who folds the prettiest boat or paints the toughest pirate ship?

    Request more information on the prices or contact one of our employees over the chat or the phone.