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Frisian lakes

The area of the Frisian lakes offers both grand lakes, such as the Fluessen, the Slotermeer, and the Sneekermeer, and straight channels that flow through cities in which time seems to have stood still. A sailing trip provides the perfect means to explore this scenic area. In this province abounding in water, the many waterways are connected even better than are the roads. As a result of this, the area has developed into a true water sports paradise.

Bolsward, Sneek, Heeg, Langweer, Woudsend

The cultural heritage of this area has been preserved wonderfully well. Sailing the Frisian lakes, you will easily reach three of the eleven Frisian cities that are located here. In Bolsward, as well as in Sneek and the small town IJlst, the old city centres reflect the connection with the water and the rich history they have. In towns such as Heeg, Langweer, and Woudsend, as well many characteristic elements of the Frisian history have been preserved.

Traditionally cosy

The Frisians attach great value to their traditions and historical legacy, something which is reflected in the large amount of activities offered. Fairs, music festivals, sailing competitions, and other events – both small and large – provide plenty of amusement in this area throughout the year. When sailing the Frisian lakes, for one day or perhaps even more, you will definitely have a wonderful time. With its city- and town walks, impressive and varied scenic natural surroundings  and the opportunity to cycle or walk, and a great number of museums, the Frisian lakes offer “something for everybody”.