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The lovely Hanseatic town of Elburg is a fine example of a medieval town built to plan. The small town had to be completely rebuilt between 1392 and 1396, because the Zuiderzee had washed away large parts of the original city. It was then possible to implement an ambitious plan to change the whole city.

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Duke Willem І was the driving force behind this action. From him Arent thoe Boecop, magistrate of the Veluwe, was commissioned to build a fortified city in a completely different shape and form as before. He designed the new city in a rectangular shape with side lengths of 370 by 240 meters. The whole thing was equipped with straight streets and alleys. This concept may be regarded as exemplary, especially for those days.


The Great Basilica or St. Nicholas Basilica was built between 1392 and 1465. Inside you will find beautiful murals and two special organs. Very nice are also the well-preserved town gate Vischpoort from the 16th century and the Agnetenkloster from the 15th century (now Stadtmuseum). In addition to the "Vischpoort", only the underground passages (casemates) of the old city walls have been preserved. Both can be visited. Even the eel lovers will get their money's worth in Elburg.