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Batavia Harbor is a modern port in the form of a shell. It is the home port of several charter boats from NAUPAR. The NAUPAR office is located in the harbor. The Batavia area is a 5-minute walk from Batavia Square, where there is plenty to do.


On June 29, 1957, the drainage of polder Oostelijk Flevoland was completed - this is 4.8 meters below sea level. The first inhabitants arrived on September 28, 1967 and on January 1, 1980 Lelystad officially became a municipality. It is therefore one of the youngest communities in the Netherlands.

Typical for Lelystad

Due to the short history of Lelystad, the city has no historical center. Nevertheless, it is no less interesting to pay a visit to this young community. The reclamation and the new open spaces have created special natural areas such as the Oostvaardersplassen and in many places, the history of the Zuidersee caught attention in many diffenrent ways. The recent renovation of the city center has created a more comfortable and modern center.

What is there to explore and see?

In the Batavia area you can do various things. Near Batavia Harbor, you'll find Batavia Square with the neighboring Batavia Shipyard, where you can board a replica of the VOC ship 'de Batavia' and work on a replica of Michiel de Ruyter's flagship: 'The Seven Provinces'. At Batavia Square you will also find the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, where fashion of well-known brands is offered at a favorable price. The Nieuw Land Cultural Heritage Center is also located on this site, and within a short distance is the State Cultural Heritage Office [Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed].