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Medemblik is a small town in the municipality of Medemblik in the West Friesland region of North Holland. Medemblik was plundered in 1517 by the army of Johan van Selbach, supported by the hijackers of Grote Pier and Wijerd Jelckama. In 1555 a large city fire took place in Medemblik. In 1824 the importance of Medemblik as a port city declined sharply, due to the commissioning of the Noordhollandsch Kanaal. The closure of the Zuiderzee seemed to mean the end for Medemblik, but around 1960 the city developed into a well-known water sports center. Especially in the summer it is very nice in Medemblik and can be well stepped.


Medemblik is the oldest city in West Friesland. In order to keep the rebellious Western Frisians under control, Count Floris had a forced castle built, which still stands proudly at the mouth of the harbor, castle Radboud. Medemblik is also rich in cultural history. For example, the Dutch Steam Engine Museum is very nice to visit and it is even possible to ride with the old tram Hoorn-Medemblik, which arrives and departs almost daily at the completely restored station. Near the old station, bakery museum is 'the old bakery'. Here is still baked in an old-fashioned way every day and children can work in the holidays themselves. Besides these nice and nice museums, Medemblik is also a cozy town, where you can go for a nice day out. If you visit Medemblik, take a seat at one of the many cafes in the center or at the harbors.