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Schiermonnikoog is a small and versatile island with beautiful nature. Counted from the west, Schiermonnikoog is the fifth inhabited Dutch Wadden Island and it lies in the province of Friesland. With 938 inhabitants, Schiermonnikoog is the smallest municipality in the Netherlands in terms of population. The eponymous village Schiermonnikoog is the only place in the municipality and is the northernmost place in the Netherlands. The beautiful village falls under the protected city and village views in Friesland.

Autoluw island

Especially the eastern part of the island is beautiful, the village with its many shops and cafes is cozy. The island is praised for its tranquility, which is maintained by, among other things, visitors having to leave their car on the shore. The nature of Schiermonnikoog is very rich and has varied landscapes, such as forest, dunes, beach, salt marsh, polder, mud flats and ponds.

National Park

Schiermonnikoog has been a National Park since 1989. There are more than 300 bird species on the island, there are many hundreds of plant species, including nine species of orchids, and on the beach you can find more than 100 different shell species. The nature reserves on Schiermonnikoog are almost all freely accessible. Through the many hiking, riding and biking trails you can fully enjoy the many special plants and animals.

The widest beach in Europe

Schiermonnikoog has the widest beach in Europe: it is 16 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide. It is therefore very suitable for various beach sports, such as horse riding. This is the ideal place to relax, to make endless beach walks, or to enjoy the summer sun in peace.