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Volendam is a beautiful fishing port on the IJsselmeer. On the dike of Volendam you can find many shops, restaurants and terraces, where hundreds of tourists daily enjoy the authentic atmosphere and the view of the harbor and the water. Volendam was originally called Vollendam. Originally came the E or IJe, where Edam was located, in the Zuiderzee. In 1357 the Edammers dug a shorter connection between the Purmermeer and the Zuiderzee. Then a dam was built in front of the old harbor of Edam and the old harbor was closed; hence Vollendam. Farmers and fishermen soon settled here.


Today Volendam is a place with about 22,000 inhabitants. The tourists come from far for the Volendam clothes and fishing boats. But that is not the only thing the tourists can find. There are many souvenir shops at the harbor and you can take a boat to Marken. Volendam is also known for its smoked eel and, of course, for performance in the singing and sports field. As a fishing village with characteristic houses, costumes and folklore, there is a tradition of tourism dating back to about 1875. The harbor forms with the exit, the lively center where fishing boats, old botters, pleasure craft and yachts meet in a friendly atmosphere. . Behind the dike is the "Maze", narrow streets without a well-defined street pattern.