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Counted from the west, Terschelling is the third inhabited Dutch Wadden Island. With its unique atmosphere, beautiful landscape and extensive beaches, Terschelling is a popular island for tourists. The harbor village West-Terschelling is already recognizable from afar by the striking lighthouse Brandaris. It is very busy because of the many boats that arrive here in the port. There are three museums, cozy shopping streets and nice cafes and restaurants. Other villages are Midsland, Formerum, Hoorn and Oosterend.

The largest municipality in the Netherlands

Terschelling is located in the province of Friesland and with its 71,298 hectares it is the largest municipality in the Netherlands. That is because a large part of the Wadden Sea including the bird island Griend is counted among the municipality of Terschelling. The island itself is 11,575 hectares and has 4,800 residents (and 20,000 tourist sleeping places!).

Nature, sea and sun

Half of the island is nature reserve. The total beach length is 30 kilometers and the total length of cycle paths is over 70 kilometers. Terschelling has 20% more solar hours than the average in the Netherlands and it rains on average 20% less than in the Netherlands. On the island, since 1875, the Willem Barentsz Maritime Academy has been established, the training for maritime officer. This also attracted other important nautical services such as the waterway navigation service, the Coastguard and the Brandaris traffic center with the Wadden Sea Central Reporting Point.

Oerol, cranberries and De Groene Weide

Every year in June, the cultural outdoor festival Oerol takes place on Terschelling, attracting many thousands of visitors. Other events are the Rock 'n Roll festival in Midsland, the Fjoertoer walking tour and the Berenloop Marathon. Terschelling is also known for the cranberries that grow here in abundance. Various local delicacies are made, such as compote, fruit juice, jam and wine. On Terschelling is also the famous café De Groene Weide where owner Hessel regularly performs as a singer, often together with his daughter. He is called the 'Lee Towers of Terschelling' and knew Ahoy three times to get full.